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Carling Technologies



Product Type : Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers

Description :

The B-Series are an optimal choice for both general purpose and full amp load applications. Extra insulation delivered by the tongue & groove half-shell construction provides the necessary spacing requirements for global regulatory safety approvals.  

Actuator options include handle, mid-trip handle, rocker and flat rocker. Rocker actuator options can be single color or a two color Visi Rocker®, both with push-to-reset options and choice of horizontal or vertical styling. Adding to the breaker’s versatility is a comprehensive choice of circuits, time delays, terminals and imprinting options.

The B-Series is available as a one to six pole handle breaker or a one to three pole rocker breaker.

Agency Approvals: UL 489, UL 489A, UL 1077, UL 1500, UL 508, cULus, CSA Accepted, TUV and VDE certified to IEC/EN 60934, CCC

Amperage: Maximum 50 amps

Voltage: Maximum 277VAC or 80VDC

Maximum Interrupting Capacity: 7,500 amps

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