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Carling Technologies

Small Rocker Switches

Carling’s Small-Sized Rocker Switches range from .4VA to 12 amp illuminated and non-illuminated, single and double pole, with many styles of solid colored and two-color Visi-Rockers. Illumination options include LED, neon, and incandescent lamps. Among others, Carling Small-Sized Rocker Switches include the 622/632-Series high-inrush switch, the shallow base 651/652-Series.

610-620 Series

The 610/620-Series rocker switches are single or double pole. These snap-in mounted switches are offered in a range of double throw momentary and maintained circuits with either paddle or rocker style actuators. They come in a variety colors with several legend options and are available with PC terminals or solder lugs.


611-621 Series


The 611/621-Series are snap-in mounted rocker switches offered with single or double pole circuitry, international approvals and ratings to 11A 125VAC. They come in a variety colors with paddle, visi-rocker or solid color rocker actuator styles and several legend options. Termination choices include solder lug, 187 tab, wire leads, PC terminals and PC front or back mount.

611-621 Series.jpeg

622-632 Series


These switches are offered in a single throw and maintained. The lighted 632-series features a variety of illumination circuit options available with LED, incandescent and neon style lamps. Base is made of polysulfone and actuator of polycarbonate for flammability resistance.


651-652 Series


The 651/652-Series is ideal for applications with back panel size constraints. These single pole switches fit in a standard .508 x .756 rectangular cutout and are designed to provide ease of insertion along with superior panel retention qualities. Additional features include a high profile rocker with Visi option, butt action contacts, maintained and momentary circuitry, variety of legends and electrical ratings to 12A 125VAC 10A 250VAC.

651-652 Series.jpeg
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