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Alarms & Buzzers

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Intercomponents BV has been a distributor of Sonitron NV within the Benelux for more than 35 years.

We can supply the complete range of Sonitron NV.

In addition to keeping stock, we can also supply everything with a minimum order quantity of 25 pieces.


If you would like to receive a quote, please send us a message and we will make you a suitable offer.

The standard series are based on the highest piezo technology and are considered as most robust series for industrial applications. The standard buzzers use a special shaped membrane ( curved edge ), which is fixed and glued into the housing. They are shock proof, as well as dust and waterproof ( ip67 ). The different standard models cover wide range of applications, offering functions such as continuous, intermittent , sweep and warbler, with a sound output of more than 100 dB(A).


Full Catalog

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- Standard Series

- SMA-Series

- SMAT-Series

- SAP-Series

- SMAC-Series and more

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