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Carling Technologies



Product Type : Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers

Description :

The A-Series are designed for precise operation across a broad range of general purpose and full amp load applications. 

The compact size can be complemented by either a Visi Rocker® or recessed paddle actuator when front panel operation requires a clean design. The sealed metal toggle configuration is ideal for harsh environment applications. Adding to the breaker’s safety features are options for the exclusive Rockerguard and/or push-to-reset bezels for rocker actuated configurations. 

This up to 50 amp breaker is configurable as one to six poles with handle actuators and one to three poles with sealed toggle, rocker or recessed paddle actuators.

Agency Approvals: UL 489A, UL 1077, UL 1500, UL 508, CSA Accepted, TUV and VDE certified to IEC/EN 60934, CCC

Amperage: Maximum 50 amps

Voltage: Maximum 277VAC or 80VDC

Maximum Interrupting Capacity: 7,500 amps

A-Series 1.jpeg
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