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Carling Technologies


At Intercomponents, the vast array of Carling Technologies products stands at the forefront of our offerings, showcasing a commitment to quality and innovation. Carling Technologies is one of the world's largest manufacturers of hydraulic-magnetic and thermal circuit breakers, electrical switches, and assemblies. They also produce advanced systems including power distribution centers, electronic controls, and multiplexed power management and monitoring systems. For over a century Carling has been setting the pace in new product design so that we may offer you innovation of the highest quality at the lowest cost.

Are you interested in our products?

Carling Technologies offers a wide variety of electromechanical and digital switching products suitable for numerous applications.


Our digital switching products feature all the latest CAN & LIN J1939 technology for advanced HMI systems. 

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Complete line of circuit protection products that include hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers, thermal circuit breakers, equipment leakage and ground fault circuit breakers, as well as fuse links with DIN rail mounted fuse holders.


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The CLTM12-S-Series load controller and CAN-based, SAE J1939 compatible digital switching products, including a variety of keypads, a rotary encoder switch, and a display controller, enable the simple integration of multiple digital switching systems in commercial vehicles.

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We have a diverse selection of Carling Technologies products available


As an experienced Carling Technologies distributor, we pride ourselves on offering the entire spectrum of products from this esteemed brand. Among the diverse options, Carling Technologies’ switches, including the popular V-series, are particularly noteworthy for their versatility and durability. We also offer a variety of other switches and products from the NMEA 2000 series, ensuring that you have access to all necessary components for a comprehensive electrical solution. This breadth of selection underscores our commitment to serving as a one-stop solution for all your Carling Technologies needs.

Explore the full range and place your order

Discover the full range of Carling Technologies products and take the first step towards enhancing your project's efficiency and safety. Reach out to us for more information on the availability of specific products, including the latest innovations from Carling Technologies. Our team is ready to assist you in identifying the right components for your needs, ensuring a seamless procurement process.

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