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Carling Technologies

Digital Switching


Carling Technologies digital switching represents the forefront of electrical system innovation, offering unparalleled control and efficiency for a wide range of applications. At Intercomponents, we are proud to supply these cutting-edge solutions, which stand out for their ability to streamline operations and enhance system responsiveness. The CLTM12-S-Series load controller and CAN-based, SAE J1939 compatible digital switching products (including a variety of keypads, a rotary encoder switch, and a display controller) enable the simple integration of multiple digital switching systems in commercial vehicles. The fully customizable and programmable switches feature programmable illumination, diagnostic feedback, and extended life. Multiplexing is made easy by the use of rear-mounted Deutsch® connectors, eliminating the extra weight and cost of traditional wire harnesses.


The CM-Series multiplexed CAN/LIN switching system features a Local Interconnect Network (LIN) switch module and a CAN/LIN controller module. The controller module accommodates up to 3 LIN buses for a total of 45 switch functions in one system.

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Seamless integration with digital switching products


Purchasing Carling Technologies digital switching products from our company means accessing a diverse portfolio of digital solutions designed to meet modern demands. As an experienced distributor of Carling Technologies, we offer various digital switching products that cater to the needs of sophisticated electrical systems. These products are engineered for reliability and scalability, ensuring that your investment in digital switching technology supports future growth and technological advancements. Our selection includes options for every application, from marine to industrial, highlighting our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions.


The VM-Series is a multiplexed operator control module ideal for the Construction, Agriculture and Commercial vehicles. Rugged and sealed to IP68, these multiplex switches can be used in open or closed cab environments and connect to an industry standard SAE J1939 CAN Bus protocol.



Carling bushing mount toggle switches range from 1 to 4 poles, 1 to 20 amps. They offer a variety of nylon and metal toggle styles, as well as illuminated toggles. Several families of heavy-duty toggle switches are available, as well as a high-temperature snap-in toggle switch series. Certifications include UL, CSA, & VDE.



Maintained and momentary pushbutton switches are bushing mount in single and double pole configurations with ratings from 1 to 20 amps. They are available in a variety of nylon and metal pushbutton styles with actuation force ranging from light action 0.4 oz to heavy-duty 8 lbs. UL & CSA certified.



The CKJ-Series jog switch features a joystick rotary encoder with push-to-select button and 5 customizable function buttons with dimmable lighting. This CAN J1939 compatible display controller is sealed to IP67 standards and can be configured in a variety of orientations providing simple installation and connectivity for digital switching.



The CM-Series multiplexed, digital switching system features a Local Interconnect Network (LIN) Switch Module and a CAN/LIN Controller Module. The switch module includes a carrier that accommodates up to three uniquely identifiable switches and rheostats (switch nodes). The carrier also features two LIN connectors, one that connects to the controller module and one that allows for daisy-chaining to other switch modules.



The CLTM12-S is a compact, solid state load controller with 12 high-side outputs, 4 digital inputs, 3 discrete inputs, 2 address lines, and a CAN baud rate select line. This load controller provides fast, low-loss, solid state on/off switching along with short circuit protection for each output, as well as load status and power diagnostics.



The UKP-Series is a universal, customizable membrane keypad for 12V/24V systems that is compliant with SAE J1939 CAN standards. With above and below sealing protection to an IP67 rating, the UKP-Series can be installed inside or outside the cab. Each button features a laser-etched legend, up to three dimmable LED function lights, and tactile/audible feedback when pressed.



The CRS-Series rotary encoder switch features an IP67 rating for above-panel components and mechanical and electrical endurance ratings of 500,000 cycles, making it ideal for work trucks, farm equipment, and construction vehicles. Available with an operating voltage rating of 3.3 V DC or 5.0 V DC, this rotary encoder switch is available for 4-way directional, rotary, and push-button input, rotary and push-button input, or rotary-only input.


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Embarking on the path to advanced electrical system control is straightforward with our company. Requesting a quote to place an order for Carling Technologies digital switching products is the first step towards upgrading your system's capabilities. In addition to digital switching solutions, we also offer a range of other Carling Technologies switches, ensuring that you can find all the necessary components to complete your project under one roof. Contact us today to learn more about the availability of these innovative products and how they can transform your electrical systems.

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