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Carling Technologies


Carling Technologies’ V-Series Contura® switches are well known for their cutting-edge design, high quality, maximum performance, and unmatched reliability. These snap-in switches offer countless options for ratings, circuits, colors, illumination, and legends. At Intercomponents, we understand the importance of reliability in switch technology, which is why we proudly offer the V-Series to our discerning clients. The V-Series single or double pole switches are offered with an eight or ten terminal base. An optional plug-in terminal connector enables pre-wiring of your wire harness. Additional accessories include mounting panels, hole plugs, and panel seals. Panel redesign is a snap with our wide range of removable actuator styles. Achieve maximum design variety with minimum inventory. Simply change rockers to create an entirely new look for your panel.

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The advantages of Carling V-Series switches


The Carling V-series switches stand out for their exceptional quality and versatility. These sealed rocker switches are designed to withstand harsh conditions, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, from marine to medical, industrial to information technology. Their high degree of sealing ensures protection against environmental challenges, such as water and dust ingress. As a dedicated Carling Technologies distributor, we offer the full array of options from the V-series lineup, ensuring that regardless of your specific needs, you'll find a switch that perfectly matches your application requirements.


Certified to IP66/68, the V-Series Contura II & III rocker switches offer complete above-panel protection against dust, prolonged spray and submersion under pressure and are recognized to UL 1500 Ignition Protection for Marine products. These switches are vibration, shock, thermoshock, moisture, and salt spray resistant with operating temperature ranging from -40°C to 85°C.

Contura 2&3.jpeg


Contura IV & V styles feature oval and elliptical lens options. Actuators have a two-textured (gloss and matte) surface for an intuitive, tactful feel. The Contura IV’s asymmetrical “orange wedge” shape can be mounted as half-moon, triangle, or stack. The Contura V’s symmetrically curved shape allows this actuator to be mounted alone, in groups or between two Contura IVs. Laser etched options are available for both the IV and V.

Contura 4-5-6.jpeg


Contura VI features oval and elliptical lens options. When used in a row, this actuator style creates a unique WAVE design, making them ideal for any boat panel. Replaceable WAVE inserts are available in black, white, bright chrome, satin chrome, bright nickel, and satin nickel. Contura VI actuators have a flush style bracket.



Contura X, XI & XII styles feature bar and one or two-piece square lens options. The Contura X has a traditional, curved actuator with flush or raised bezel style bracket. This actuator style is interchangeable with all flush mount style actuators, as well as the Contura XI and XII.

Contura 8-9-10.jpeg


Contura XIV features square and bar lens options. Actuators have recessed ridges and center groove which define the boundary between the top and bottom switch functions. Laser etched options are available for the Contura XIV. Actuators have a flush style bracket. The sleek crossover design is optimum for commercial trucks, buses, heavy equipment vehicles and the marine industry.


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Initiate the next step towards operational excellence by requesting a quote for Carling V-series switches from us. By partnering with Intercomponents, you gain access not only to the superior V-series but also to a comprehensive selection of Carling Technologies products. We invite you to explore our extensive range and discover the ideal solutions that will propel your projects forward.

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