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Carling Technologies



Product Type : Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers

Description :

Employing a patented magnetic flux boosting terminal configuration, the CX-Series offers innovation in design and function. This up to 125 amp breaker utilizes permanent magnets located at the entrance of the arc chamber, combined with a specially designed upper and lower arc runner, to increase the magnetic blowout force and encourage the arc off the contacts into the arc chamber. Here, arc splitter retainers with integrated pressurizing walls, enhance cooling through the use of magnetically induced splitter plates. The result is a compact breaker capable of handling high amperage and high DC voltage applications.

UL Recognized with up to a 440VDC rating, makes the CX-Series ideal for 380VDC datacom applications. With an available 600VDC rating, the breaker is suitable for integration into information technologies and power distribution equipment. UL 489B approval allows its use as a disconnect for photovoltaic systems with additional amperage and pole configuration options. 

The safety and functionality of the CX-Series breaker is enhanced with an optional relay trip circuit that facilitates remote operator system shut down. The breaker offers a solid color actuator handle and one to five poles, as per agency approved configurations.

Agency Approvals: UL 489, UL 489B, UL 1077, cRUus, cULus, TUV certified to IEC/EN 60947-2, CCC

Amperage: Maximum 125 amps single pole and 115 amps multipole

Voltage: Maximum 600VDC

Maximum Interrupting Capacity: 10,000 amps

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