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Carling Technologies



Product Type : Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers

Description :

The MS-Series sealed circuit breaker is compact in size, but ruggedly designed to stand up to the harshest environments. Designed to meet IP68 requirements and MIL-PRF-39019F ingress protection when panel mounted, as well as compliant to MIL-PRF-55629 and MIL ST 202, this up to 30 amp circuit breaker offers added certainty against moisture, salt spray, vibration and shock. The sealed metal toggle actuator, featuring moisture-proof metal bushings, makes the MS-Series an ideal choice for commercial off the shelf (COTS) military applications. 

Additional design features include backside terminal barriers that meet UL 1077 spacing requirements and an optional auxiliary switch which provides easy breaker status indication. As one of Carling’s mini circuit breakers, the size and range of features on the MS-Series breaker provide ideal compatibility with crucial communication equipment and other mission critical components.

The MS-Series is available as a one to three pole breaker.

Agency Approvals: UL 1077, cRUus, TUV certified to IEC/EN 60934

Amperage: Maximum 30 amps

Voltage: Maximum 240VAC or 65VDC

Maximum Interrupting Capacity: 3,000 amps

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