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Carling Technologies

N- Series


Product Type : Addressable Rocker Switches

Description :

The N-Series Addressable Switch offers the look and feel of a traditional electro-mechanical control coupled with a built in PCB to provide customers with a flexible, cost effective alternative to a CAN/LIN based switch. The N-Series produces up to 144 individual switch IDs by using a resistive ladder circuit. Different switch IDs are achieved by changing the resistor values tied to individual loads. The individual loads can then be assigned to the specific functions that the switch is controlling.


Each switch is connected to an ECU and the application software is written to recognize the switch IDs to determine which load is being controlled as well as the selected actuator position. The end result means that wiring harnesses are more simplified and specific loads can now be rearranged without the need for a costly and time consuming harness redesign, giving designers the ultimate in design flexibility.

N Series.jpeg
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