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Carling Technologies



Product Type : Full-Sized Rocker Switches

Description :

S-Series rocker switches are ideally suited for enclosed cab applications with special focus afforded to the vehicle operator. With features including abbreviated travel half throw actuators, ergonomic rockers, illumination in up to three detent switch positions, and a non-teasable snap action circuit, these switches provide the driver with easily recognizable and simple to operate controls. Additionally, its space saving compact envelope, clean bezel-less design, integrated low insertion force connector and polarized switch base collaborate for quick installation.


Most any illumination and switch circuitry is easily accommodated with the S-Series 10 terminal base. These great features, combined with over 1,000 available laser etched or pad-printed legends, allow the S-Series to be seamlessly incorporated into just about any cab interior environment.

1-2 pole; 10A, 24VDC max rating

S-Series 1.jpeg
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