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Your Carling Technologies distributor

As a leading Carling Technologies distributor, Intercomponents offers a wide array of high-quality switches, circuit breakers, and keypads that meet the stringent requirements of various industries. Known for their reliability and durability, Carling Technologies products are an excellent choice for businesses seeking top-quality components. At Intercomponents, you will find the complete range of Carling Technologies, from simple switches to advanced circuit protection solutions. This makes us not only a preferred Carling Technologies distributor but also your go-to source for quality electrical components.




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Why choose us as your Carling Technologies distributor

Choosing Carling Technologies products with us as your distributor means access to the full product lineup of this renowned brand. Whether you are looking for sturdy circuit breakers for industrial applications or innovative V-series switches for your tech projects, we have it all. Our partnership with Carling Technologies ensures we always offer the latest products and technologies, keeping your projects ahead of the curve. As a dedicated Carling Technologies switch supplier, we emphasize providing solutions that enhance the functionality and safety of your electrical systems.

Carling Technologies offers a wide variety of electromechanical and digital switching products suitable for numerous applications.


Our digital switching products feature all the latest CAN & LIN J1939 technology for advanced HMI systems. 

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Complete line of circuit protection products that include hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers, thermal circuit breakers, equipment leakage and ground fault circuit breakers, as well as fuse links with DIN rail mounted fuse holders.


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The CLTM12-S-Series load controller and CAN-based, SAE J1939 compatible digital switching products, including a variety of keypads, a rotary encoder switch, and a display controller, enable the simple integration of multiple digital switching systems in commercial vehicles.

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Intercomponents specializes in engraving custom Contura V V-series waterproof Marine & Automotive Carling rockers  with your own icon.  We can realize this per piece or in larger batches.

In addition to the blank rockers  that we can laser etch, we also have a wide range of 12 V and 24 V standard switch bases in stock with independent LEDS.  You can use these as dashboard lighting or function lighting. 



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In addition to being a Carling Technologies distributor and supplier, we offer products from other leading brands. This means you can turn to us not only for Carling Technologies switches and protection solutions but also for a wide range of other components. For instance, we are also a respected supplier of Samtec products, making us a one-stop shop for all your electronic component needs. Our role as a Carling Technologies switch supplier extends our commitment to offering versatile and dependable solutions for your project requirements.

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Carling Technologies

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Discover the full range and place your order today

Exploring the full range of Carling Technologies products and more has never been easier. As your dependable Carling Technologies switch supplier, we invite you to discover our selection and find the perfect components for your projects. With our expertise and commitment to quality, we ensure every order is smoothly processed. Place your order today and experience the benefits of collaborating with a supplier as dedicated to your success as you are.

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