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Carling Technologies



Product Type : Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers

Description :

The space saving design of the high-performance L-Series is a perfect fit to complement the overall spatial objectives required by datacom and telecom system designers in their quest to reduce the overall size of equipment, while increasing transmission capacity. With the integration of an optional current transformer, the L-Series is capable of sensing current down to a level of 1%. This optional capability provides precise current monitoring and reporting required for back billing of the actual power consumed by datacenter storage and routing devices. This feature also facilitates load adjustments and maximizes efficiency.

Enhanced design features include a patented flush rocker actuator and optional push-to-reset guard to protect against inadvertent actuation. These UL listed breakers are configurable with one to three poles.

Agency Approvals: UL 489, cULus, TUV certified to IEC/EN 60934, CCC

Amperage: Maximum 32 amps

Voltage: Up to 240VAC

Maximum Interrupting Capacity: 5,000 amps

L-Series 1.jpeg
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