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Carling Technologies



Product Type : Full-Sized Rocker Switches

Description :

The TI-Series Tippette® rocker switches are available in single pole (TIL), double pole (TIG), three pole (TIH), and four pole (TII) versions. The Tippette Series is a traditionally styled rocker switch, available in sealed or unsealed versions. These switches are appropriate for use in general purpose applications which may or may not require environmental protection.


These switches are available with nylon snap-in or screw type mounting brackets. They are AC rated switches but are also suitable for low voltage DC applications. They are offered in a wide range of single or double throw momentary and maintained circuits, and come in a variety of rocker styles and colors. This versatile offering includes international agency certifications and ratings to 26 amps for select circuits.

Single, double, triple and 4 pole; 20 amps 125-277Volts AC & 10 amps 250Volts AC max rating; UL CSA VDE (for select circuits) approved

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