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Carling Technologies

Rocker Switch


You can find the right Carling Technologies rocker switch for your application at Intercomponents. Carling offers a wide array of illuminated and non-illuminated, snap-in mounted rocker switches. Rocker switches are available from 1 to 4 poles with many styles of solid colored, translucent, two-color Visi Rocker®, and paddle actuators.

Each category of rocker switches provides multiple choices for size, style, illumination, circuit, and termination options. Custom colors and legends are also available for most rocker switch options.

Click a specific rocker switch category below to learn more, use the eParts catalog with its parametric filters to view and compare standard part numbers that meet your specifications or configure a complete and valid part number with our online Configurit® tool.

Are you interested in our rocker switches?

Our extensive selection of pushbutton switches

When it comes to purchasing the ideal rocker switch for your specific needs, our company stands out by offering Carling Technologies' extensive line of high-quality rocker switches. As a Carling Technologies distributor, we take pride in providing their complete product range, including custom rocker switches designed to fit unique requirements. Whether you need a standard rocker switch or a custom solution, our relationship with Carling Technologies ensures you always find the right rocker switch for your applications, enhancing functionality and operational efficiency.

Sealed Rocker Switches

Carling's rocker switches feature the V-Series Contura and L-Serie families of illuminated and non-illuminated rocker switches, which set the industry standard for sealer switches. The perimeter illuminated HR-Series and fully sealed W-Series are also available.


Small-Sized Rocker Switches

Carling’s Small-Sized Rocker Switches range from .4VA to 12 amp illuminated and non-illuminated, single, and double pole, with many styles of solid colored and two-color Visi-Rockers. Illumination options include LED, neon, and incandescent lamps. Among others, Carling Small-Sized Rocker Switches include the 622/632-Series high-inrush switch.


Mid-Sized Rocker Switches

Carling’s mid-sized rocker switches range from 5 to 20 amp illuminated and non-illuminated, one and two poles, with many styles of solid colored, translucent rockers. Illumination options include LED, neon, and incandescent lamps. Among others, Carling mid-sized rocker switches include the long-established Mini-Tippette.


Full-Sized Rocker Switches

Carling’s full-sized rocker switches range from 3 to 20 amp illuminated and non-illuminated, one to four poles, with many styles of solid colored, translucent rockers. Illumination options include LED, neon, and incandescent lamps. Among others, Carling Full-Sized Rocker Switches include the LS-Series “Softspot” rocker switch.


Addressable Rocker Switches

Carling’s N-Series Addressable Switch offers the look and feel of a traditional electro-mechanical control coupled with a built in PCB to provide customers with a flexible, cost-effective alternative to a CAN/LIN based switch.


Request a quote for custom rocker switches

Embarking on the journey to find the perfect custom rocker switches for your projects is made effortless with our company. By requesting a quote, you tap into a wide array of options, including various Carling Technologies switches, tailored to meet your exact specifications. We can customize your rocker switches with your custom icons within one business day. Our commitment to offering custom solutions means that no matter the complexity or specificity of your needs, we can provide a rocker switch that perfectly aligns with your requirements. Reach out today to discover how our custom rocker switches and other Carling Technologies solutions can elevate your project's performance to the next level.

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