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Carling Technologies

Sealed Rocker Switches

Carling’s families of illuminated and non-illuminated sealed rocker switches are available in single pole or double pole with vertical or horizontal orientations. At Intercomponents, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive selection of sealed rocker switches designed to meet the rigorous demands of various industries. These sealed rocker switches offer a comprehensive selection of actuator styles, textures, and colors, including paddle and locking options. Each series of sealed rocker switches are configurable with a variety of ratings, circuits, illumination options, and standard or customizable laser etched legends.

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Our wide range of high-quality sealed rocker switches


When looking to purchase high-quality sealed rocker switches, partnering with a Carling Technologies distributor like us ensures access to premium options for a wide range of applications. Our sealed rocker switches are versatile, suitable for use in marine, automotive, and industrial control systems, among others. Beyond sealed options, our inventory also includes a variety of other rocker switches to cater to your specific needs. For instance, we offer an assortment of small rocker switches, perfect for applications where space is at a premium, without compromising on performance or quality.


Carling’s V-Series Contura® sealed rocker switches are well known for their cutting-edge design, high quality, maximum performance, and unmatched reliability. These snap-in rocker switches offer countless options for ratings, circuits, colors, illumination, and legends.




The L-Series sealed rocker switches offer countless unique options for ratings, colors, illumination, and laser etched legends. These snap-in, single or double pole switches feature rocker, locking rocker, paddle, and window lift actuators, offering a unique balance between aesthetics and functionality.




The HR-Series is a perimeter illuminated sealed rocker switch, featuring a stylish, low-profile actuator that is available in either two or three positions. These two or three position sealed rocker switches have a variety of dependent and independent illumination options; momentary and maintained circuits; and up to two customizable laser etched legends.




The W-Series features complete IP68 protection, even below the panel, where the critical connection is made from your wiring harness. When used in conjunction with the integrated connector, the submersible W-Series provides a seal for up to ten individual wires, assuring compatibility with even the most complex circuitry.


VP-Series: Illuminated V-Series


The VP-Series illuminated indicator offers an additional design option for the modular and flexible V-Series Contura system.


LP-Series: Illuminated indicators


The LP-Series Illuminated Indicators are the perfect complement to the aesthetics, reliability, and performance of the L-Series sealed rocker switches. As a critical safety feature, the illumination alerts the operator of essential system functions or malfunctions, such as: oil pressure, high temperature, transmission or other fluid levels, parking brake, or general system confirmations.




J-Series Contura multi-circuit switches are designed for marine and heavy vehicle applications that require multiple circuits in one switch. In addition to offering the same great features as the V-Series Contura switches, the J-Series offers more complex circuit options that include hazard warnings, additional lamp configurations, progressive circuits, and double pole progressive circuits.


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